An Italian food that’s often ignored


Crumpets with strawberry jam, tinned mandarins

I just needed to finish up a packet of crumpets (which is never a hardship) and yesterday I discovered Sainsbury’s economy tinned mandarins. They’re really lovely as well as seriously cheap and don’t have that sharp taste that tinned mandarins sometimes do.


Falafel, tomato and pea shoot pitta, apple

Falafel is always such a great sandwich filling and sliced tomato helps to keep it really nice and moist. The pea shoots were unusually cheap to buy yesterday and they’re great for making a sandwich a bit more special. A falafel sandwich makes a nice filling lunch that’s almost more like a mini meal in its own right.


Gnocchi with sweet tomato and ginger sauce, salad, nuts. Dessert: lemon sorbet

I don’t think gnocchi get anywhere near as much attention as pasta, pizza and ice cream, although they’re actually a great Italian food too. They cook even more quickly than pasta and have a very different taste and texture. They’re made out of potato and flour, although you can also use pumpkin or sweet potato. Making your own is not unfeasible, but today’s were Tesco’s Trattoria Verdi brand, which is egg-free (some brands do use egg in the ingredients).


Tonight is the first repeat recipe since I’ve started the blog although I wasn’t planning on 365 different meals. You can see the recipe for sweet tomato and ginger sauce  by clicking here. I do think that tinned tomatoes are another one of those seriously underrated ingredients and this is one of the great sauces they can make.


Mini Pretzels are yet another great vegan snack food that can double up as a salad topping. The pea shoots actually tasted lovely with just a drizzle of olive oil.

Sorbets are a great vegan dessert option and they’re also a really refreshing way to end a meal. A sprig of mint helps to make any dessert look that little bit more upmarket!



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