A weird recipe for a delicious sandwich


Muesli, soya milk


Peanut and peach pitta bread, grapes, mini chilli crackers, flapjack

This is where the weird but delicious sandwich recipe comes in. Partly due to a shortage of sandwich ingredients, I decided to go for a peanut butter and peach pitta. I was slightly dubious as to how this would work and was fully prepared to find a soggy mess when I opened the Tupperware box at lunchtime. In fact though, the result was unexpectedly delicious. It had the great sweet/salty flavour of peanut butter and jam but felt a tiny bit healthier. To prepare, just lightly toast the pitta (this makes it a lot easier to cut) and add some vegan spread and peanut butter. Thinly slice some tinned peaches and place on top of the peanut butter as you would with e.g. slices of tomato.


Falafel, vegan potato salad, pea shoot salad.


It’s easy to buy ready made falafel, although you can make it yourself.  I have to admit,  I’ve never tried making my own but have been happy with either the Tesco or Cauldron versions. Falafel makes a nice filling meal with a hearty salad, but can also be used as a vegan sandwich filling. Some falafel sandwiches annoyingly contain yogurt but the Costcutter and Tesco ones that I’ve tried seemed genuinely animal-free.

The vegan potato salad is quick and delicious. It’s also a  good option for people who don’t like mayonnaise as it’s ‘creamy’ but there’s no vinegar. Soya cream is just such a useful ingredient for making great sauces. You can get it in medium to large supermarkets, but the Alpro cartons are only small so I’d suggest stocking up. The potato salad I made today was actually a bit of an inferior version as I had no parsley or lemon and just used basil and soya cream. It still tasted pretty good though, even if not up to optimum standard!

Ingredients for lemon and parsley potato salad (serves 3):

– 3 large potatoes

– 1 small carton of soya cream

– A good handful of parsley

– Zest of 3 lemons


1. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil. Meanwhile, peel and dice the potatoes.

2. Simmer the potatoes until tender. Meanwhile, roughly chop the parsley.

3. When the potatoes are cooked, drain and run some cold water over them to cool them down.

4. Stir in the soya cream, parsley and lemon zest and enjoy!

I used to avoid pea shoots as they were one of those pine nut type items that are ridiculously pricey for a tiny amount. Like pine nuts though, they are almost worth the expense. On a trip to Sainsbury’s today, I found some pea shoots nestling amongst the other packet salads and although they were still expensive (£1 for a smallish bag) they were no more so than most of the other packaged greenery. If you can get them for a reasonable price, pea shoots are great in salads or sandwiches. Today I just combined the shoots with a sliced tomato and some sunflower seeds which tasted great. Olive oil would be a good addition for a bit of an Italian taste.



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