How to revamp a pasta salad


Crumpets and strawberry jam

These would work equally well for a vegan afternoon tea (if anyone has time for this)!


Peach and pepper pasta salad, fruit bar


This was just a slightly revamped version of last night’s pasta salad. In fact, the revamping only happened when I realised that the amount of pasta I had left wasn’t enough for a meal but too much to justify throwing away. I basically just added half a red pepper and some more tinned peaches, along with some extra salted almonds and sunflower seeds. I think a similar approach works for any pasta salad really. If you need to bulk it out to make another meal, just add some of the original ingredients plus a few extras if you’re feeling inspired. It’s a great way to have a second attempt at getting the taste just right. If the salad isn’t going to be eaten immediately I’d avoid avocado though, as it goes black alarmingly fast. Today’s revamped salad made a really satisfying lunch that was nice and filling and hopefully packed with vitamins and goodness.


Pittas with marinated tofu and red pepper, watercress, salted almonds. Dessert: Sharon fruit and dark chocolate


Yesterday’s post spent quite enough words on the praise of marinated tofu pieces, so I won’t go through it all again. To summarise though, they’re extremely tasty, are ready-marinated when you take them out of the packet and can be bought in large supermarkets. I think that the red pepper accompaniment was even nicer than having the tofu with watercress. I must admit, salted almonds are not cheap, but I had several packets bought for me and certainly have no difficulty getting through them. Hopefully at some point almonds will join cashews and peanuts in the Tesco value salted nuts range.


This is the last time (at least for a while) that you’ll have to hear about Sharon fruits as the three pack is now finished. They were a good discovery though!


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