How to make a dinner you could paint as well as eat


Crumpets with jam, grapes

Crumpets are another one of those things that you never expect to be vegan but actually are (or at least the Tesco ones are). They’re nice toasted with a good spread of strawberry jam.



Pitta with marinated tofu pieces and watercress, crisps, flapjack

Marinated tofu pieces have to be one of my favourite tofu products. They completely dispel the myth that tofu has to be tasteless and are great in a pitta bread or tortilla wrap. The tofu pieces do have a bit of a tendency to fall out but still  taste delicious. In case you were wondering how anyone could find time for tofu marinating, the ones I had today were ready-marinated. The Cauldron brand makes them, and you can find them along with the larger slabs of tofu on the chilled counter of largish supermarkets.

Another fail-safe way to eat tofu is deep fried. I wouldn’t know where to start in terms of deep frying a piece of tofu, but they taste great if you come across them in a noodle bar. Deep frying probably cancels out many of the health benefits of tofu but as I’ve said before, this isn’t a health food blog!


Peach and green pepper pasta salad, watercress. Dessert: Sharon fruit, grapes, sesame snaps


This is one of those highly colourful dishes that would be nice to paint if you didn’t feel like eating! It’s great as a picnic dish or for a meal outside in the garden. It’s totally flexible and I would suggest just being creative and adding whatever you feel like. I always think there’s less room for serious error with vegan cooking; the worst that can happen is that your combination of flavours isn’t quite how you expected it.

Ingredients for peach and pepper pasta salad (serves 2):

– Enough pasta for two people (150g)?

– Some olive oil

– 2 green peppers

– A tin of peaches

– A little basil

– Juice of 1/2 lemon

– A good handful of salted nuts (e.g. pistachios)

Optional: a few seeds e.g. sunflower


1. Add the pasta to a pan of boiling water and add a splash of olive oil. Simmer until soft/al dente or however you like it.

2. Meanwhile, chop the pepper and peaches (if they’re halves rather than slices). Tear up a few basil leaves.

3. When the pasta is ready, drain and run under a little cold water to refresh it.

4. Add all the ingredients to the pasta and stir together. Enjoy the great visual effect!


The Sharon fruits were on offer in Tesco the other day (three for £1 if I remember rightly). They’re a really interesting texture, maybe similar to a plum, and have a lovely sweet taste. Sesame snaps were probably not invented by dentists but are undoubtedly delicious.



2 thoughts on “How to make a dinner you could paint as well as eat

  1. Haha! I like your comment about sesame snaps and dentists! Very true! But they ARE delicious. Have you tried the ones with dark chocolate?
    I do enjoy wholemeal crumpets. Yum! I don’t buy them often because no one else likes them and I end up eating them all. Oh I do like them with jam.

  2. Two great things to try out- thank you 🙂 I’m not sure I’ve ever seen wholemeal crumpets but I’ll definitely have a look for them. Dark chocolate sesame snaps sound like a must too! 🙂

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