Mushrooms: the world’s most maligned vegetable?


Maple & pecan crisp cereal, soya milk


Vegan cheese salad sandwich, vegetable chips, Nakd cocoa and mint bar, apple


Any cheese-based sandwich fillings can quite effortlessly be replaced with vegan cheese. Vegetable chips are brilliant; a little on the pricey side but nice for a lunchtime treat. Not sure that they count as one of the five a day though! The Nakd bars are lovely and actually quite healthy I believe. The brand takes its animal-friendliness a step further by advertising Animal Aid on its packaging as well as being vegan. Costa coffee does a great soya latte, along with all the big coffee chains and most independent coffee shops (at least the ones I’ve been to).



‘Creamy’ mushroom kedgeree, watercress, salted almonds. Dessert: Sharon fruit and dark chocolate


I do think that mushrooms get a lot of unfair press. It’s certainly possible to make them pretty revolting, but they can also be delicious and have a really good flavour that’s totally different from any other vegetable.  They’re also surprisingly nice raw in salads, and this completely removes any risk of sliminess!

Today, I was planning to make mushroom pasta, but came home to discover a total absence of pasta. Given that my nearest proper supermarket is a bus ride away, I thought it had better be a kedgeree. I used wild rice (all that was in the cupboard) but it would be a lot quicker with standard long grain rice.

Ingredients for ‘creamy’ mushroom kedgeree (serves 2):

– A mug of long grain rice

– 4 shallots/ half an onion

– Some rapeseed or vegetable oil

– 1 pack of mushrooms

– 2 cloves of garlic

– Zest of 4 lemons, juice of 1

– Fresh herbs (e.g. parsley)

– 1 pack of soya cream


1. Cook the rice. Meanwhile, chop the shallots and mushrooms and set aside.

2. When the rice has about 10-15 mins cooking time left, heat the oil and sautee the shallots until semi transparent. Add the mushrooms, garlic, lemon zest/juice and herbs. Continue sauteing until the mushrooms begin to exude liquid.

3. Drain the rice if necessary and add to the mushroom mixture along with the soya cream. Stir until evenly combined and serve straight away.

I added a little vegan ‘ham’ too. Sticking to my principle of  being totally honest with this blog, I have to admit that the ‘ham’ had gone a little hard in the fridge over the weekend and the texture wasn’t quite what it should have been. I was still very happy with the recipe, but either omit the vegan ‘ham’ or make sure it’s not past its prime!


The Sharon fruits were on offer in Tesco and I can’t say I’d ever tried one before. They were really lovely; sweet but much harder than I’d imagined. Perfect with some bittersweet dark chocolate.



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