Vegans go out for pizza too!


Muesli, soya milk, grapes


Vegan pizza. Dessert: Fruit salad

Today’s Sunday lunch was pizza, but not homemade or at a vegan restaurant; at Pizza Express. It turns out that their pizza bases don’t contain any dairy, and they were very happy just to leave off the cheese. You might think a cheeseless pizza was a little dull, but that certainly wasn’t the case today. It was brimming with Mediterranean veg (artichokes, olives etc.) and they’d added a nice pizza oil so it certainly wasn’t dry.  It just shows that vegans can have a great meal in an omnivorous venue; they’re not restricted to vegan restaurants (fabulous though they are) or salads with the cheese removed!


Baked beans on toast, mini pretzels, grapes. Dessert: vegan creme caramel

I decided to balance out a Mediterranean lunch with a traditional English favourite! Beans on toast is one of those accidentally animal-free foods. It’s just a case of using a soya spread on the toast and vegan cheese as a topping if needed.


The vegan creme caramel is quite a discovery. They sell it in the Tesco free-from section and it really doesn’t taste any different from the dairy version.


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