Could this be the next lunchtime trend?


Toast, cherry soya yogurt, papaya

I have to admit, the day’s culinary experiences could have got off to a better start. I was looking forward to having toast with strawberry jam, but when I unscrewed the lid I was greeted by an offputting layer of fur. I opted for soya spread on its own, but this gave my toast a decidedly oniony taste, clearly the result of my stir fry activity last night. Moral: use a separate spoon for the spread.


Veg, nut and seed stir fry

This is where the potential for a lunchtime trend comes in. I’m finding that noodles are surprisingly nice cold and make a great alternative to the traditional pasta salad. If you make a stir fry, it might be worth making a bit extra for lunch the next day. Kept in the fridge overnight, the flavours develop nicely and you have a sophisticated packed lunch to enjoy. It’s probably worth getting it out of the fridge at least 30 mins in advance so you can fully appreciate the flavour, but mine spent the morning in my bag (and I’m still here to tell the tale)!



Vegan ‘ham’ and tomato sandwich, crisps, carrot sticks, flapjacks

These vegan ‘ham’ and tomato sandwiches really are good, especially if you eat them straight away so there’s no danger of the tomatoes making the bread soggy. I’m looking to invent more sandwich fillings in the near future though.



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