What to do with an alligator pear


Muesli, soya milk, fruit smoothie

A bit of a rushed breakfast (as is often the case) but it did the job in terms of providing appetizing morning fuel.


Strawberry jam sandwich, brazil nuts, clementines, flapjacks

Not all that healthy now I see it in black and white but it was wholemeal bread I guess. I do find that a bit of midday sugar helps with the afternoon energy levels, and who can resist a jam sandwich every now and again, especially on soft new bread?


Avocado and lemon risotto, carrot slices.


This is where the alligator pear comes in (apparently another name for an avocado). This is one of my favourite recipes as it has a really unusual taste (but in a good way)!

Ingredients for avocado and lemon risotto (serves 3-4):

– 1 onion/about 4 shallots

– A little rapeseed, olive or sunflower oil

– 250g risotto  rice

– About 1 litre veggie stock (2 stock cubes)

– 1 garlic clove (crushed)

– Zest of 4 lemons, juice of one

– 1 small pack pumpkin seeds

– 3 avocados


– Fresh herbs (e.g. parsley)

– Soya cream


1. Chop the onion and sautee in a little oil until it goes semi transparent, stirring constantly.

2. Add the risotto rice and continue to stir for a few minutes.

3. Gradually add the stock (around a ladle full at a time) and stir until the liquid has nearly been absorbed. Continue to gradually add the stock until the rice becomes tender. Stir frequently as risotto does love to stick to the pan!

4. While the risotto is cooking, add the garlic  and the lemon juice and rind. Chop the avocado and set aside.

5. When the risotto is nearly ready, stir in the avocado and pumpkin seeds, along with a splash of soya cream if you’re using it. Garnish with some fresh parsley.



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