How to make an animal-free pub lunch


Toast with greengage jam, orange juice, banana and grape compote


Despite the pretentious name I’ve given it, banana and grape compote is simply mashed banana topped with some sliced grapes and crunchy cereal. It’s a nice addition to a more substantial breakfast, but I wouldn’t personally find it enough on its own.


Vegan Ploughman’s, apricot and cinnamon flapjack


I think this might be slightly stretching the definition of a Ploughman’s (the English pub’s traditional answer to a light lunch) but it’s broadly along the same lines. If you wanted to be truer to the original, you could use crusty bread instead of a tortilla wrap and add some meat-free ‘ham’ (which you can buy in Holland and Barrett).

To prepare the tortilla, just spread it with some chutney, add some grated vegan cheese and top with some salad. Radishes give a nice peppery twist. Then just roll up the tortilla and your centrepiece is finished. The rest of the plate can be filled with salad, crisps, nuts and whatever else you feel like. If it’s a main meal, you’ll probably need a second tortilla wrap and a top-up of salad, crisps etc. The only problem is the tendency to carry on nibbling as it’s essentially the contents of a buffet on a plate.


The flapjack is a variation on the recipe I put up the other day, but I’ll shortly be adding it to a ‘desserts’ section. For now, please see ‘Is Tesco becoming a tiny bit vegan friendly?’ The plate is from a shop in France where they had a large selection of cat-themed crockery that I found difficult to resist!



Tomato soup, toast, pistachio nuts. Dessert: Pineapple with dark chocolate shards


The vegan ploughman’s didn’t leave me with a lot of excess room for dinner, so I opted for a rather unglamorous supper. You can’t beat homemade soup, but if you don’t have time then animal-friendly versions are readily available in the shops. Today’s was tomato and basil ‘by Sainsbury’s’ as they like to say on the packaging. There’s still a bit of a tendency for shops to put cream in with soup but vegan options certainly exist. Probably no need for too much detail on the toast!

The pineapple concoction has a really good bittersweet taste, especially if you use dark chocolate with a very high percentage of cocoa (I used Green & Blacks 85%). Tinned pineapple works well too if you can’t face preparing a fresh one. To make the ‘shards’ just slice the chocolate very finely with a sharp knife, and you’ll hopefully find that it crumbles nicely.



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