A day of good food without cooking, restaurants or ready meals


Blueberry bagel with peanut butter, banana, grapes

A slightly healthier version of the classic peanut butter and jam combination. Not much time for photography this morning but I’m sure you can picture it!


Peanut and broccoli noodles

I made these yesterday but will shortly be adding a ‘recipes’ section to save you digging old posts out of the archive. I was a little apprehensive about how they’d be cold; pasta salad is one thing but noodle salad is another altogether.  In fact, they were surprisingly good and I think the flavour had matured since yesterday. They also avoided the common pitfalls of being either too dry or too  soggy. Maybe making extra dinner is a good way to guarantee a nice lunch the next day.



Dhal and tomato sandwich, nuts, salad. Dessert: Pomegranate seeds, vegan chocolate

I made the dhal on Tuesday evening, but my attempt to use it as Wednesday’s sandwich filling ended in disaster (disintegrating on the way to work due to lack of Tupperware/tin foil).

Tonight’s attempt was altogether more successful as the sandwich only had to travel between rooms. The dhal was still the perfect consistency for a sandwich spread, and some chopped tomatoes helped to ensure that it stayed nice and juicy. The end result was tasty and filling; ideal if you want a bit more than an average sandwich but not quite a whole meal.


In case you’re admiring the pig coaster, it’s part of a set of four which can be ordered from Hillside Animal Sanctuary. They’re a great  organisation and many of the animals that they care for have been rescued from intensive farming systems. You can read more about their work (and visit their amazing gift shop) at http://www.hillside.org.uk

001 (2)

Pomegranate seeds are so versatile. They make a great snack, light desert or colourful topping for aubergine pasta (recipe coming up in a future post). Pomegranates are fairly cheap to buy whole, but if you want to save time you can buy the seeds pre-packaged in Tesco (not very eco-friendly I know). The dark chocolate is the Celtic brand, which you can buy at Holland and Barrett. Just to point out, Celtic also do a milk version which is helpfully placed next to all the vegan chocolate but is definitely not dairy-free.


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