How to eat plants at a station


Chopped fruit topped with soya yogurt and maple & pecan crisp


For the fruit, I used a banana and some tinned pears. Adding some juice from the tinned fruit helped to make it nice and moist. I found this a real energy booster that kept me going all morning. My mornings are often spent at the computer, but this breakfast actually sustained some physical activity in the fresh air!


This is where the station comes in. Maybe surprisingly, it’s actually possible to buy a great vegan lunch at a railway station. This one was at Oxford station, which is pretty small, so the possibilities at somewhere like London Paddington must be endless.

M&S sells some tasty vegan salads which can be accompanied by crisps if, like me, you tend to opt for more rather than less. I usually go for the salad with the wheatberries, giant couscous and butternut squash, along with some salt and pepper crisps.

AMT coffee will do a good, if very strong, soya latte and sell fabulous peanut brittle bars which are kind to animals (being vegan) but extremely unkind to teeth. They’re a great solution to a sudden energy dip though, as the combination of sugar and peanuts is bound to have you hopping about again in no time. Maybe it’s a strange feature of the Oxford AMT, but you have to just get on and order your soya drink; if you ask whether they do soya milk the answer tends to be no.


Vegan cheese and chutney sandwich, fruit, rice coated peanuts, fruit bar

 Admittedly taken before I set off but squashed sarnies are not photogenic!

Admittedly taken before I set off but squashed sarnies are not photogenic!

There’s nothing like a packed lunch (or tea). There are so many options for original vegan sarnies, but sometimes it’s good to show that we don’t need to miss out on the traditional English fillings! I’d have to love the Nakd bars ad they feature the fabulous Animal Aid on their packaging, but they’re actually pretty nice too and packed full of fruity goodness.


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