Filled bagels, sausage rolls and other normal vegan foods


Maple and pecan crisp cereal with the trusty Alpro Light soya milk. It didn’t really need a picture!


Celery and sultana bagel, salt and vinegar crisps, radishes


I’m completely biased in favour of sesame seed bagels, although the unseeded ones are still pretty good. The sweet crunchiness of a celery and sultana filling is hard to beat.

It really is just a case of toasting the bagel, adding some vegan spread, then filling with chopped celery and sultanas.


Vegan sausage rolls, chips, salad (lemon sorbet for dessert)

It’s pretty quick to make sausage rolls. You just need some vegan sausages and Jus’ Roll puff pastry. I like the Vegetarians Choice Lincolnshire style sausages, which you can get in Holland and Barrett. If you don’t have time to make your own, H&B do a ready made vegan sausage roll although I haven’t tried them yet.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to making 6 sausage rolls:

1. Roll out the pastry and place the sausages on top.

2. Cut the pastry into six sections as seen below:


3. Take hold of the long edges of each section as if you were going to lift it up.

4. Pinch them together at the top, forming a roll round the sausage.

5. Pinch the short edges together and turn the roll over so the ‘seam’ is at the base.


4. It’s not easy to give a precise cooking time but I would say around 25-30 mins on gas mark 7/8 (220-230 C). Probably due to my eagerness to get a spot-on cooking time for my blog, today’s sausage rolls took longer than expected.

I served these with some chips and salad but I clearly need to work on my food photography skills (oh dear!) The homemade chips look a little unconventional but tasted great. I would suggest shop-bought for an unhealthier but more photogenic version!



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